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The Beach

The Beach

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Deep calls to deep
in the roar of your waterfalls;
all your waves and breakers
have swept over me.
By day the Lord directs his love,
at night his song is with me—
a prayer to the God of my life. - Psalm 42:7-8 NIV

This morning, I am reminded of a time that my family took a long awaited and much needed vacation to a very nice high-rise condo on Pensacola Beach. It was a family gift from my in-laws that Christmas to our entire family: My five, my sister in-law, and my mother and father in-law.

It was an absolutely beautiful and fantastic week… most days there was nary cloud in the sky. And the beauty of Pensacola Beach is not only the sun and the surf, but also the fact that the sound is just across the road from the beach. The constant waves and sand on one side… calm serenity of the sound on the other.

And as great and fun-filled as the days were in the sun and surf, one night stands out the most.

That night I had the opportunity to walk the beach with my two older girls and our friend from France. At one point, we sat and watched the moonlight dance on the waves and in the darkness, saw the stars go on forever… while the waves continually rose and fell at our feet… and the ocean breeze blew through our hair.

While we sat and sang of God’s great love… my mind and heart overwhelmed by how close I felt to God at that moment, in that place. All that I saw reminding me of Him and His great love...

The scene: a reminder of that creation moment. a reminder of His Great Creativity.

The waves: How Jesus forgives. How He carries our sin out to the ocean depths (over and over again). How He washes us clean. The waves constant reminders of God’s love splashing over us.

The ocean breeze: as constant as the Holy Spirit blowing upon us. Sometimes lightly in our face, sometimes stronger at our back… but constantly and consistently there.

The stars in the heavens: a reminder of God’s great vastness. How big He is. How He sees all and knows all and created all. How He takes care of the Big things and sees the Big Picture… like a painting on the night’s sky… or the creative colors in the earlier sunset.

The sand on the beach: not only is He in the greatness and the vastness, but also in the detail of the smallest grain of sand (and even smaller). If He created the smallest particle, He knows and care about the smallest details of our life.

As I sat on that beach… that ocean shore… His peace washed over me, like the waters washed over my feet.

Peace like no other. Peace that passes understanding.

Keep the Faith… Carpe Diem

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