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“Then his disciples remembered this prophecy from the Scriptures: “Passion for God’s house will consume me.”” - John 2:17 NLT

What’s your passion?

What is it that you enjoy doing or being a part of more than just about anything?

For me, it is basketball. Whether playing, coaching, refereeing, or watching, I love basketball. Have since I was three years old. Some people might say I was passionate about it.
For awhile I had lost that passion. Still played but it was just playing. I had allowed something or someone to steal my passion. And thus, I was just kind of done for a while.

Then my kids started playing. And the passion and love for the game returned. I love coaching them and/or watching them play. At least some of that passion was handed down from generation to generation.

The question is, do we glorify God with our passion? Or do we glorify ourselves, if we glorify anything at all?

When playing or coaching or watching, am I bringing glory to God?

And honestly, I have to say, not always. Sometimes it more about me or my kids or whatever else might be happening on the floor than bringing glory and honor and praise to my God.

So, in that case, my passion for basketball outweighs and gets in the way of my passion for God.

How can that be, how can we, or rather I, allow anything in our lives to outweigh our love and passion for Jesus?

At our house, we always say that we want to “glorify God through how hard we play, how well we do, and how much fun we have doing it.”

Sometimes we have to do more than say it... we have it to show it. I have to show it. I have to live what I say I believe.

We are called to take up our cross and follow Jesus. Called to become more like Him. Called to be passionate about Him and the things He is passionate about, first and foremost.

Even above anything else we might be passionate about. Even above basketball.

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God Strong

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